Download Skype For Windows 8

Skype is one of the world’s most popular phone service providers, now available for Windows 8 too. Today having a Skype Id is almost compulsory for a businessmen who deal with the people outside their national boundaries.

This economic video calling service has lessened not only the time of people but also has minimized the cost of calls over VOIP devices. The only reason of this cheap calling Windows 8 Software becoming popular among the dealers and Internet users is they provide free calls for unlimited time period. Let me elaborate the features of Skype for Windows 8 so that you can get a clear idea about this calling service provider.

Features of Skype For Windows 8:

  • If you are calling someone who has Skype id then you can make free phone calls to them for unlimited calling times,
  • Skype provides cheaper call charge then any other VOIP service providers,
  • Alike most of the other calling service providing companies Skype also provides the contact’s listing so that you will not be in need of dialing their numbers,

How To Make A Call Using Skype For Windows 8:

First of all you have to do is to sign up for a membership in Skype if you want to make calls at lower price. Once you complete with the membership options you will be asked to download and install the Skype desktop application for further operations. After installing the application while you will login to your Skype id you can store contacts using this application. If you want to make a call first then dial a number and using the call menu from the menu bar on the top of this application.

After the dialing process, the phone service should look like below image –


  • Here on the left there is a pane containing all your listed contacts or recently communicated people’s list. You can visit their profiles by clicking on each or make a call using the same procedure,
  • On the right part of the application if your called person enables the camera then it will appear in the center,
  • Just below the video streaming you can have different options to end the call, mute or unmute your microphones or speakers, add more people for conferencing, and use the chatting options as shown in the “Quotation” mark etc.,
  • Just below the blue dark blue screen there is a chat box enabled for you to use for text chatting. Use the smiley’s button to add smiley and then press enter to send the message.

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Skype introduces only two different type of pricing plans for the members under the Skype premium account one is payments per month and other includes yearly payments. Look at the picture below for further information –