Download Reminder For Windows 8

Reminder is a free software for Windows 8 that enables the users to create reminders right on their Windows 8 desktop screen at zero downloaded cost. Apart from letting you to remind all important activities on time, this free Reminder for Windows 8 also provides services for noting down the ideas immediately, creating notes, and control center that lets you customize all the options according to your preferences.

Reminder for Windows 8 has been categorized into four different parts as mentioned above. For more info, let me briefly give you details of each option below:


You can quickly jot down the ideas instantly as one come into your mind. It store your ideas once you have added into the main idea box of quick access panel. After that, you can edit the written text by performing options like delete, paste, copy and so on.


You can create notes with a click on note button of quick access panel. The panel will appear onto desktop as you hover the mouse at the bottom right-side of the screen. Once you have created notes, now you can drag it at any corner of your Windows 8 desktop screen. You can also choose a color for noting down the important text.


Reminder option lets you set reminder note including the time and date so that you do not forget to perform any important task. It will alert you with the written note by giving a pop-up window.

Control Center:

With a single click on this Control Center button, you can take an advantage of using advanced features like history, print, schedule, preferences and many more.


The above shown image is the quick access panel that comes out when you hover the mouse to the corner of your Windows 8 desktop screen. This panel does not cover a space. It lies at the border of the desktop as given in figure A and as you hover the mouse it appears with full size as given in figure B. You can also move the panel to a different locations according to your preference by choosing suitable option like up, down, left, and right.

Features Of Reminder For Windows 8:

  • Do not take the extra space of your desktop screen.
  • Quick access panel lies at the border of desktop.
  • Lets to move the panel from one place to another.
  • Enables you to create notes and drag it to any corner.


Users can download and can take a free trial of this software for Windows 8 at zero cost but you have to pay for it to continue using this desktop software.

How To Install Reminder For Windows 8:

  • Click here to open a link.
  • Click on download set up option.
  • Follow further instructions to install this software on your PC.
  • Finally reminder for Windows 8 will be installed.
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The Final Verdict:

Cute Reminder is a good utility software for Windows 8 to set reminder, note down ideas, and jot down important content. Go ahead and try it.