Download Partition Manager In Windows 8

EaseUS Partition Master is a free partition manager for Windows 8 PC. This Windows 8 partition manager allows you to perform various functions like Resize/ Move partition, Merge partition, Wipe partition, Format partition, Defragment, Explore partition, Change drive letter and much more.

For partitioning a disk, click on any one of the drives and then you need use the context menu or the toolbar to Resize/Move partition.

Ease us partition

You can even use the text filed to set the partition size. The Partition Manager in Windows 8 also allows to format and adds label to the newly created partition. You can use the functioning of the other useful features include a boot disk creator, partition copying, the properties option, password protection and drive letter swapping.

Note: You can also choose the EaseUS Partition Master pro edition to enjoy additional amazing features, however, you need to pay $39.95 for it.

Features Of Partition Manager For Windows 8:

  • Resize/ Move partition to avoid loss of data with reboot maximizes your PC’s performance.
  • Copy partition with fast file-by-file copy to protect your data.
  • Merge partition two adjacent partition into bigger size without any data loss.
  • Hide partition allows to hide any desired partition.
  • Check partition checks  and find the bad sectors of any partition to boot system again
  • Wipe partition makes permanently wipe all sensitive data on disk.
  • Explore partition allows to explore any partition on hard drive.
  • Format partition allows to format completely any desired partition.
  • Delete partition allows to directly delete all partitions
  • Defragment makes your PC speed up.
  • Changes the drive letter of any partition.
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How To Install Partition Manager In Windows 8:

  • Head over to the homepage to download EaseUS Partition Master  for your Windows 8 PC.
  • Click on the download link
  • Execute the exe file to your PC
  • Follow further instruction to complete the installation.

EaseUS Partition Master is an excellent partition manager for Windows 8, which allows to perform operation of your hard drive from hide partition to copy partition. It also shows the properties of the various drive on your Windows 8 PC.

Give it a try to make your hard drive flourish on your PC…download partition manager in Windows 8.