Download Orbit Downloader In Windows 8

Orbit Downloader is a popular fast downloader where you can download large files in a simplified manner. Let me explain a bit – Suppose you have added a file over Orbit Downloader for downloading, now if you have plans to shut down the PC before the file get downloaded. Do it, because this is where Orbit Downloader comes into existence. Now, whenever the next time you switch on your PC, it will resume the downloading from where you had left paused.

Moreover, you can accelerate the downloading speed. The tool allows you to download music, videos from YouTube, large files. Well…I downloaded the Windows 8 Consumer Preview from Orbit only. It works amazingly awesome.

Installing Orbit Downloader in Windows 8 is as easy as it is to download it in any other Operating System such as Windows 7, Windows XP, or any other. But before I jump down to the process of installing Orbit downloader, let me quickly sum-up the features of this amazing large files downloader.

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Features Of Orbit Downloader:

  • Speed-up the downloading speed
  • Download multiple files simultaneously
  • Resume downloading
  • Minimum amount of memory is used
  • Manage multiple files downloading
  • Simple and easy-to-use program


How To Install Orbit Downloader In Windows 8:

  • Go onto the given link.
  • Click on “Download Now” given at the left-side in a green box
  • Click on “Run” in order to run the program

Yup…there you are. Just follow the on-screen steps and you will soon find Orbit Downloader on your Windows 8 PC. Go ahead and download Orbit Downloader in Windows 8 now.