Download Notepadd++ For Windows 8

Finally the very popular source code editor is now available to serve programmers over Windows 8 OS. guessed it right, it’s a Notepadd++ that has been designed keeping an eye over the programmers and the casual users, as well, who want a cross between the default Wordpad and Notepad.

Notepad++ is basically a tabbed editing software that allows you to work with multiple opened files i.e you can manage more than one document, all simultaneously. The unique part about this advanced Notepad is that it supports multiple languages. Also, does support syntax folding and syntax highlighting for more than 50 programming languages, markup languages, and scripting.

Downloading and working of Notepadd++ for Windows 8 is as simple as it is to do the same in other OS. However, before I get down towards the installation of this advanced Notepad for Windows 8, let me quickly jot down the main features of Notepadd++ below.

Features Of Notepadd++ For Windows 8:

  • Supports Syntax Folding and Syntax Highlighting
  • Lets you work on multiple documents at one time(Tab Interface)
  • Supports features like auto-completion, zoom-in, zoom-out, document mapping, and more
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Provides bookmarking and smart highlighting feature
  • Comes up with tools such as text encoding conversion, line sorting, text folding
  • Its free…
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The only thing I did not like about Notepadd++ is the bundle of amalgamated options that will might result into some confusion initially. However, once you have understood the whole concept of Notepadd++, you will definitely feel like a must have in each OS.

How To Download Notepadd++ In Windows 8:

  1. Go onto the given link
  2. You will come across various options for download Notepadd++. Well, do not worry, click on the very first one if you are not sure as to which one to select.
  3. Click on the downloaded setup in order to install the software
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation procedure.

Yupp…there you are. You have successfully installed Notepadd++ for Windows 8. Go ahead and start creating multiple documents now.

I would say, Notepadd++ is a must have software in each Windows 8 OS. Its, smarter, easier, and environment friendly…