Download Free Windows 8 Clock

As expected, Windows 8 Clock had to be the next big release of Microsoft family. This beautiful clock for Windows 8 can be downloaded at zero cost, and can thereby be displayed up on your Windows 8 desktop screen.

The Windows 8 Clock gadget has been provided with support for ARM processors, along with the currently used AMD x86 and Intel microprocessors. The good part is that the clock automatically syncs with Windows 8 system clock, hence, those extra efforts on configuration has been cut.

The interface of the Windows 8 clock is quite simple yet elegant, big, and has been designed neatly but gives artsy touch. As you install the clock for Windows 8, it will quickly sits down on your Windows 8 desktop screen, displaying the day and the time, along with the date.Let me quickly jot down the features of this Windows 8 Clock.

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Features Of Free Windows 8 Clock:

  • Syncs automatically with Windows 8 system clock
  • Supports ARM processors
  • Neat, clear, big, simple yet elegant interface
  • Display day, time, and date
  • Easy and simple to install
  • Its free

How To Download Windows 8 Clock:

  1. Go onto the given link
  2. Click on “Windows 8 Clock” link given at the end of the page under the column “Details”
  3. Since the downloaded setup is a Zip file, hence you need to extract all in order to run the Windows 8 Clock software
  4. Run the clock setup

Yupp..there you are. You will soon find the clock displayed on your Windows 8 desktop screen. If you really want to give your Windows 8 desktop a new look then you must go for it. Go ahead and download Windows 8 clock now…