Doo: Free Windows 8 Doc Manager App

Doo is a free Windows 8 Doc Manager App which is quite useful if you are really into documents. If you are a person who deals with important on a daily basis and want to arrange all your credentials and useful documents in an ad hoc manner, Doo is a brilliant Windows 8 app for this purpose.

This small little app for Windows 8 helps you arrange all your documents in an organized manner by classifying it into various categories. You don’t need to mug up with all your important documents all together in a single absurd folder, where you can’t find anything when you need it. So this Windows 8 doc manager app will let you add all your documents in a proper fashion where you can simply view and download it further.


You can see how simple kind of interface Doo shares. Just add any kind of document and it will automatically adjust the priority and the information. You can simply check and download the document later from here. This will classify your documents in various categories like Document Types, Location, People, Date & time, Labels etc.

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This Windows 8 doc manager app classifies all your documents automatically according to the document type, like whether its PDF file or a Doc file. You can also add labels to your important document for your own convenience. Simply click on the tab and pin them according to your preferences.


You can simply open or remove the document you want or just read it with the help of Doo. You can have all the information regarding the document like in here we can have the location, the date of birth, the address of the recipient. You can have all the information.

With Doo, you can have all your documents arranged in a proper manner without any difficulty to find your important document without any problem. Download Windows 8 Doo app available under the ‘Productivity’ category of Windows 8 store.