Disney Crossy Road For Windows 8

Disney Crossy Road is another installment of the famous adventure game, Crossy Road for Windows 8. Join everyone on this endless adventure game which is more entertaining and exciting than the previous version. What makes Disney Crossy Road for Windows 8 so exciting? Yes, you guessed it right, Disney characters. Not one, two, or three, but a whole bunch of characters can be unlocked to play this exciting game. There is a collection of more than 100 characters from various movies of Disney and Pixar, like: Mickey Mouse, Donald, Toy Story, Wreck-it Ralph, Lion king, Tangled, etc. There’s a lot more to discover in Disney Crossy Road for Windows 8. Keep Reading..


How To Install Disney Crossy Road on Windows 8 Devices:

Get Disney Crossy Road For Windows 8 on the Windows App Store. Click the download page link at this article’s end. The download page has an install button. Click on it to automatically download and  install  this adventure game on your computer.


How To Play Disney Crossy Road on Windows 8 Devices:

Disney Crossy Road For Windows 8 can be played on both computers and tabs. On tabs operate it with swipe, and use navigation keys or WASD keys on computers. The default character to play this game is mickey mouse. Click on the Play button to begin playing this awesome game.


This infinite adventure game has a very nice and entertaining game play. You can move in forward, backward, right, and left direction. The character hops in the directions when you press the keys. Dodge various obstacles like cars, buses, trucks, and jump over rivers through ledges. While you play, do not forget to collect coins, which can be used to unlock characters in Disney Crossy Road For Windows 8.


When you collect enough coins, you get the opportunity to unlock characters. You also get gifts after regular time intervals.


When you unlock a character, the theme of the game also changes with it. As i unlocked Wasabi in Disney Crossy Road For Windows 8, the game theme changes along with the obstacles; checkout below.


I also managed to unlock Buzz Lightyear from the movie Toy Story. The game theme was different for that character. Along with the cars, trains, etc, the environment also changes, such as trees, lights, etc. These changes depend on the movie in which they appeared.


Final verdict..

Disney Crossy Road For Windows 8 is a very entertaining game and one of the best games available on Windows App Store. This is a must download if you have played Crossy Road. You will love it even if you haven’t played Crossy road.

Download Disney Crossy Road for Windows 8 and 8.1 computers.