Crocs World: Super Mario Type Game for Windows 8

Croc’s World is a free game app for Windows 8 that has similar gameplay as Super Mario game. This game is similar to Super Mario in all the respects: the character has to keep moving forward, break the bricks to get powers, escape from the other creatures that come in the way etc. The only difference is that the character itself is different, as well as the surroundings are made different. But if you have ever played Super Mario, you will immediately realize the similarity.

This game is completely free, and just 13 MB in size. This game is available in Games category of Windows Store.

Croc's World - Interface

Croc’s World Game for Windows 8

You can get this game by using link given at the end of this review. The game’s gameplay is exactly similar to that of Super Mario. You can control your avatar by using keyboard controls: left and right arrow keys to move left and right, up key to jump, and spacebar for longer jump. You need to collect as many gems as you can during the game to increase the score. Also, you need to try to break as many bricks as possible, as lot of powers are hidden under them. Initially when you hit the bricks, you won’t be able to break them, but you will come across a “helmet” and if you wear it, you will be able to break the bricks easily.

Croc's World - Wearing Helmet

In this game, your creature is actually a crocodile (and hence the name – Croc’s World). Its actually a pretty cute looking crocodile. Your main obstacles are the snails that come in the way. You can jump on them to kill them, or just jump over them to cross them. If you touch them, you will lose 1 life (you get 3 lives).

Another power that you get in the game is ability to throw stones! You can throw stones at snails to kill them.

Croc's World - Throw Stone

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Levels in the game:

This Super Mario replica for Windows 8 has many levels. There are 30 levels in all. In the beginning, only the first level will be unlocked. When you clear a level, next level also unlocks. Proceeding like this, you can unlock all the levels in the game easily.

Croc's World - Levels screen

My Opinion About Croc’s World Game for Windows 8

I am a huge fan of Super Mario and all other Mario games. I was quite excited to find this game in Windows 8 store. The game looked a bit slow in the beginning, but I was able to soon get a hang of it and enjoyed for quiet a while. The fact that game has 30 levels is an icing on the cake. The game is ad supported, but the ads are present at the bottom of the screen only, and don’t distract the normal gameplay. Overall, I like this Mario like app for Windows 8 a lot.

Get Croc’s World Game for Windows 8 here.