Create Scrapbooks And Watch Slideshows: QeepIt For Windows 8

QeepIt is a simple and easy app for Windows 8 that lets you create scrapbooks of pictures, audios, and videos, and allows you to save them to cloud or watch them as slideshow. The scrapbooks are called “Qeeps”, and you are allowed to create as many Qeeps for free as you want. You can create a Queep page by adding your favorite image to the background,and adding more pictures or videos on top of it. QeepIt also provides many interesting filters to be applied to these Qeep pages. Plus you can add an audio file that would get played when you view the slideshow of the Qeep.

There’s also a text tool which can be used to give headings to the pages or to add funny comments on the images. QeepIt is an app which you can use to quickly create beautiful scrapbooks using pictures and videos, and personalize them by adding annotations. You can create a memory book of pictures of your childhood, the neighborhood where you grew up, your first graduation party, and family get together etc., and lay back and watch the slideshows whenever you want.

QeepIt-home screen

The app is available under Photos Category in Windows Store, or you can get this free app by clicking here.

Create Scrapbooks using QeepIt:

Like said before the app is easy to use. All the Qeeps that you create gets listed in the Home Screen when you open the app. Simply make a right click on the home screen and click on Add New Qeep to start creating Qeeps. You can change the background color of the page or give a background image to it, and then give a suitable title, set headline picture (Qeep icons on home screen), and finally start adding images, videos, texts, calendar, and collages on top of them. All the control buttons are self-explanatory and are very easy to use. Some people might not understand the use of Reset off Canvas Items button at the first go, so here’s what it is exactly for: it’s purpose is to bring those items back to the page which have gone out of the page area.

You can also quickly make a collage of images using the Collage tool, but there’s one limitation to it, you can’t resize the  frames of collage. But leaving this one issue, it is so easy to add/remove images to collage, or rearranging images in the collage. And like most of the Windows 8 apps, you can pin the app to the start screen for one click access.

Another interesting feature in this app is that it can store the Qeeps in the SkyDrive Cloud, so you can retrieve and watch slideshows in full screen whenever desired. The Camera button feature is also pretty interesting, you can connect a camera to your PC and start taking pictures/videos and add them to the pages to make a quick Qeep. Following is a screenshot of QeepIt compose screen.

QeepIt-compose screen

Some Features of QeepIt:

  • Free app for Windows 8.
  • Can use it to create scrapbooks, picture books, or slideshows.
  • Support images, audios, videos.
  • Texts and calendar can also be added.
  • Can apply filters to images.
  • Supports different text editing features like font size, color, bold etc.
  • Can add music tracks as background music.
  • Supports pinning the app to start screen.
  • Controls for rotating, resizing, arranging, and locking the contents on a page.
  • Saves Qeeps in SkyDrive cloud.
  • Fine Editing Tool button which gives a sliding effect to the contents on a page when you move them (while editing).
  • Easy to use.

Final Verdict:

QeepIt is pretty awesome app to create scrapbooks of your memories and recall them whenever required. Though there are issues with the app like there’s no undoing option, you can’t select multiple contents at a time, there’s no button to jump directly to Home screen, and picture cropping can be improved; still it’s quite decent and can be used to relive the past again. Try it, it’s totally free.

Get QeepIt here!