Windows 8 Funny Facts App is a free Windows 8 Funny Facts App that lets you know about a lot of stuffs but in a crazy way, including the misconceptions you have been taught.

People on made a number of such interesting funny facts and figures in a more interesting way. Remember the funny facts that you doodle around over Facebook and other social networking sites. You just laugh at them after reading while some of them you share on your Facebook wall. On app for Windows, we go though a number of funny facts and misconceptions but in a more exciting way. There are a number of categories you can browse through and have a look on the shocking insight.


So, just click on any category and ready to be amazed. Do you know that Team-Based Events (Football, Hockey, Handball, Basketball) is one of the 7 Olympic Events to win a medal in? Well, I also didn’t know that. But now I do. Well, actually that is not a kind of thing may be you guys are interested in, but there are a number of things you can relate to your thoughts.

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You can also watch edited funny photographs and live feed by Michael Swaim, Dan O’Brien  David Wong, Jack O’Brien  etc. and can seek into many humorous commentary on pop culture, sports, video games, life, science, technology etc. Well, if you want to know everything about everything, then try this Windows 8 funny facts app – and get cracking… !