Colors: Painting App For Windows 8

Colors is a free painting app for Windows 8 which allows you to create their own free hand paintings. This Windows 8 painting app comes up with a playback video of the artists who actually painted a specific painting.

The videos will let you learn the process of creating a selected painting and helps you apply the same to bring the perfection in it.

Features Of Painting App For Windows 8:

  • Completely free.
  • Lets you create a free hand painting.
  • Lets you learn painting.
  • Allows you to copy, save, and delete a painting.
  • You can even like and reply back to comments.
  • Available within Windows 8 App Store.

Colors app

A decent bundle of beautiful paintings have been given in the gallery for you to look up and to create one on your own. Also, you can copy the paintings with a click on copy option.

Now, if you headover to the gallery of this Windows 8 painting app, you can view number of starts given to each painting you have created, view comments, reply to those comments back. However, in order to get started over this function, you need to create an account in this painting app for Windows 8.

Under “My Paintings” category, you will find all the painting you have made. You can also manage all your paintings, delete them or edit them.

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Colors app is a nice Windows 8 app to learn how to draw a painting and to improve you drawing skills. Go ahead and get started over this Windows 8 app available under the Entertainment category in Windows 8 App Store.