Chess By Post: Free Chess Game For Windows 8

Chess By Post is a free Chess game for Windows 8. Unlike most of the other Chess games, this version of Chess game app for Windows 8 lets you play chess with real people only. You can challenge and play a friendly match with your friends or play ranked matches with skilled opponents within Chess by Post network.

The objective of the game is same, which is defend your king anyhow and defeat the opponent’s king through “Checkmate!”. If you want to test how good you are in strategy making and tactics, then you can also play as many simultaneous games with different opponents as you want. Plus you can chat with the opponents and also see your stats which includes total wins, total draws, total losses, and your world rating. Chess By Post is a great chess app and is a worthy way to kill some time.

You can get this free Chess game  for Windows 8 in the Games Category in Windows Store. If you won’t find it there, then use in Search Charm (Win + Q combo) and type-in the app’s name.

Chess By Post- starting a game

Playing Chess in Chess By Post:

The first prerequisite that you’ll need to play this game is you must have an account, because the game requires a username, so that it can recognize you and hence match you against the opponents for playing the game. The other prerequisite is that you must yourself know how to play chess, as it won’t teach you how to play chess.

The app itself asks you to log in or create a new account at the very beginning when you launch the app. Creating a new account is pretty easy, just type-in the username and password two times, and there you’ll have it!

The app uses your username to remember your stats and game status, so that you can log in anytime and start playing chess from the point you left it.

Chess By Post- game play

Playing chess within the app is incredibly fun. It’s enjoyable and the animation is fine. The rules of chess, all apply in the same way  here. The graphics are in 2-D format, which is okay. You can change the color of board, by clicking on the Settings Button on top right corner of the screen. Plus you can see some of the app’s rule, change password, enable or disable settings of notifications, log out, etc., using the same Settings flyout. The notification notifies you (no matter which app or software you are working at) when the opponent makes his/her move.

Chess By Post- settings

One feature that makes this Chess Game For Windows 8 a good choice is that: it lets you play in two different modes. The first one is the one in which you can challenge your Facebook friends to have a friendly match within the app. These friendly matches doesn’t have any impact on your rankings. So you can play as freely as you want without worrying about your ranking.

The other mode of playing the game is where you’ll play against a random opponent who has the same skill level as you have got. The app itself chooses this type of opponent, hence making the game a fair game. Plus if you want, you can also Search an opponent using his username, or play Hand-off game in which you’ll pass the device back and forth between you and your friend (it’s basically for mobiles, PDA, and tablets).

Chess By Post- chat

Key Features of this Free Chess Game for Windows 8:

  • Freely available.
  • Decent Chess game for Windows 8.
  • Play against Facebook friends and random opponents having same skills level.
  • Chat with your opponents during game.
  • Option to see all moves made by you and your opponent.
  • Notifications of opponent’s moves.
  • See your game stats.
  • Remembers your data using your username, for quick resume.
  • Play simultaneous games against different opponents.

Final Note on Chess By Post :

Chess By Post is a real good copy of the original traditional Chess Board game. The app is simple and fun. It’s features makes it a good game app to play chess against your buddies or people from around the world and test your strategic skills, and above all it’s all for free.

Get Chess By Post here.