CheatSheet: Windows 8 knowledge app

CheatSheet is a free Windows 8 knowledge app available under the ‘Education’ category of Windows 8. Here, in this knowledge app for Windows 8 you can find important, interesting, and  knowledgeable information on different subjects such as history, biology, etc. All the categories have been separated in a various columns.

This Windows 8 knowledge app comes up with beautiful pictures with each article. There are articles on some selected plants, various historical places, and people in Hungary such as Hungarian King, Hungarian Hussars and the like. You can read about leaf insects, sea lilies, pebble plants, stick insects, orchids, and many more.

Nice Full-Screen Interface

What I really liked about this CheatSheet Windows 8 app is the beautiful column-based interface, confirming the basic tiles design. As you open the Windows 8 knowledge app, you will see various articles in tile-based UI placed under different columns such as Plants, Mosts, History, and the like. To view more columns, just scroll the mouse wheel towards right or use the horizontal bar given at the bottom of the screen. Inside the tiles are the articles on respective subject. Each article has a minimum of one picture illustrated with it.

Windows 8 knowledge app

Also, you can change the language from English to Magyar and vide-versa. To refresh the articles, just click the right mouse button on the main screen ? a horizontal panel will open at the bottom of the screen ? click on ‘Refresh’ given in that panel.

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Features Of Windows 8 Knowledge App:

  • Lets you read about important information.
  • Categories such as history, biology, etc. are included.
  • Available in amazing full-screen mode.

  • Helps children to improve their knowledge.
  • It’s a free Windows 8 app available under the ‘Education’ category of Windows 8 Store.

How To Install CheatSheet:

  • Go onto the Windows 8 store.
  • Press ‘Win+C’ combo.
  • Enter CheatSheet in the search bar.
  • There you are.. soon the app will get installed and placed in the Windows 8 start menu screen.

In short, CheetSheat is a good knowledgeable app for Windows 8 that helps children expand their knowledge about on various subjects. Go ahead and download CheetSheet Windows 8 knowledge app now.