ChaCha: Free Windows 8 Questions App

ChaCha is a free Windows 8 questions app with the help of which you can ask any type of questions and you can get the answer in no time.

It’s a quite in interesting Windows 8 app if you have the hunger of knowledge or if you want to tear the mask of nature to find out the answers of never asked questions. This questioning app for Windows 8 lets you ask questions of any kind, of any interest, and of any trade. And, you will get your answer within a few seconds. People ask numerous questions through at ChaCha and get answers within a fraction of seconds. Just log in to ChaCha by signing up to it and you are good to go. Now, enter you email id and password and ask your question about anything. And here, anything means anything. It could be weird, it could be interesting or it could be worthless. Whatever you have in your mind, just upload it here.



This is how the interface looks like and you can ask your question by simply clicking on the ‘Ask a Question’ button. You can enter your question in the search bar and you will have your answer. You can also check your answers by clicking on ‘My Answers’ button and you can manage to view all your questions been asked by you till now.

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You can also view the related questions asked by other people similar to your question. Just ask any logical or illogical thing. You can also view the questions asked in your nearby region. It will ask you to allow it to use your current location and you can view all the question asked in your nearby areas.


This Windows 8 questions app also consist of a photo gallery with the related information about the mostly asked question with a visual aid. You can read the interesting facts and figures by simply scrolling over the images.

So install this app on Windows 8 available under the “Tools” category of Windows 8 store. Ask whatever you want.