Capture And Apply Instant Photo Effects Using Winstagram Windows 8 App

Winstagram is a simple Windows 8 photo editor app available for free under ‘Photo’ category in Windows store. This photo editor Windows 8 app lets you capture photos using webcam and to apply numerous photo-effects to those snaps.

The number of available effects exceeds the count of 30 allowing you a great scope for experimentation. The generated images are saved locally in PNG format and can be easily shared with others. Winstagram supports just the filters & effects to your images.

Using Winstagram Windows 8 App :

  • On launching the application for first time you will be presented a prompt about allowing Winstagram to access your webcam. winstragram
  • It is necessary that you click on ‘Allow’ button to proceed.
  • On the top-right section of the application window you will find the capture button. Windows-8-winstagram-capture
  • Click on it and soon the video feed from the attached webcam will we be displayed on your screen. To take a snap click/tap on the screen after which the playback will stop and you will be presented a drag & drop control for selecting the portion of image you want to capture. . Windows-8-winstagram
  • Next, click on ‘OK’ button at bottom-right region or click on ‘Revoke’ process to retry.
  • Then, you will be provided with an interface containing the image in center and numerous effects buttons beneath it. Windows-8-winstagram-effects
  • Now, click on the buttons to apply various effects. It must be noted that you can apply only one effects at a time. If you want to apply multiple effects then right-click on the screen and select ‘Persist select and add new’ from the bottom horizontal bar. Adjacent to it is ‘Save To Gallery’ button.  By default the images are saved to separate folder in ‘Pictures’ library. Windows-8-app

You can click on ‘Take Snapshot’ button to capture a new snap and apply effects to it by following the procedure stated above. Do not forget to save the current image as changes will be lost forever.

If you aim at applying effects to other images on your Windows 8 machine then Winstagram is not the right tool. It must be taken into consideration that the quality of camera plays a significant role. If captured image is in low resolution; proportionate will be the quality of image after applying effects.

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You can easily install Winstagram Windows 8 app by:

  • Opening this link in IE 10 or advance.
  • Click on ‘View in Windows Store’ button to visit open app-overview page.
  • There, click on ‘Install’ button.

* Winstagram Windows 8 app requires access to your pictures library, webcam and Internet connection.

My conclusion is that the application has nothing extraordinary to offer, but is  interesting for sure.