Built-In Antivirus Protection In Windows 8

It may be good news for Windows users but more than that it is a terrific level of threatening news for the antivirus industry. Microsoft Windows 8 will be bundled with built-in antivirus protection.

Since a long time, one of the major concerns of Windows users is the security of their operating system and data against viruses and malware. The antivirus industry had grown with time, and today a large number of third-party antivirus are available in the market, and many of them are in intense use.


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With Windows 8, Microsoft is going to add Windows defender package as one of its built-in programs. This means as soon as Windows 8 is installed in your PC, Windows defender package will be automatically installed, and your PC will be protected against viruses right from the beginning. This eventually means that you will not be required to purchase a third-party antivirus program to make your copy of Windows secure. Windows defender package consists of few striking features of the Security Essentials program. This built-in antivirus protection in Windows 8 will surely increase the security in Windows 8 which might compel hackers to shift to Malware. Read out our post.

There is a dark side of introducing built-in antivirus protection in Windows 8. If all systems are protected by a single built-in antivirus and if some hacker is successful in targeting it, he/she would be able to conquer all systems. The other dark side is it may create survival related issues for the huge antivirus industry.