Bubble Bird: Free Windows 8 Game App

Bubble Bird is a free Windows 8 Game App that has been taken from the ‘Games section of the Windows 8 app store. This is a fun game for Windows 8 that will loosen you up in your time. It’s quite easy and simple to play.

Just click your button and play the game. This game app for Windows 8 is about some colorful bubble shaped birds which you have to toss high in the sky. This is as simple as a piece of cake. You just have to toss the birds to match them in their respective colors together. You have to make a group of at least 3 birds of the same color to destroy the like colored bird. Complete the game before the whole grid comes down to your nest.


This is how the Bubble Bird Windows 8 game looks like. You just have to shoot your bird from your nest and it will stick to the region you will point your cursor. As you hit the right match, the respective bird will stick to them and will destroy the other attached birds with the like colored group.

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There are also some different kind of birds which give you some twist in this Windows 8 game like this Disguised bird which turns out to be of any color irrespective of your choice. There is also a Chrome bird which takes the color if the respective bird it will attached to. You just have to destroy as much birds as you can and reduce the grid to achieve the maximum score.

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So, install this fun and time passing Windows 8 game app from Windows 8 app store.