Box: Windows 8 Cloud Storage App

Box Tool is a free Windows 8 cloud storage app to store files on the cloud, keeping them safe in case of system crash. Its kind of Windows 8 app for those who don’t have time to always turning on and off their PCs or laptops. You can simply upload all your important files on your Box account and just leave them there.

All you need to do is just create a personal Box folder there and upload all your PPT files and other important docs. Now, the next time you log into your Box account, you just have to download that file from there. There is no need to carry it in your iPad or laptops etc. Just log into your Box account over this app for Windows 8 and have those files right in your system.


The above screenshot is displaying a folder that has been created and files that have been uploaded. You can easily copy any of these files into another folder or can just move them from one place to other. Also, you can check the files you recently updated or just append in the ‘Recent Files’ section. While the ‘Updates’ section gets the files you recently updated.

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 Windows 8 Cloud Storage App

Just click on the file you want to view and add a comment to it if you want. For example: “hey! I have to delete this file. Its a disaster”, in case if you are deleting a file and colleague does not know about it. To comment, right-click the mouse button and add a comment to it.

 Windows 8 Cloud Storage App

In addition, you can also take a slide show of all the files you have uploaded over here. Take a quick preview or show off your friends with this cool Windows 8 cloud storage app.

Go ahead and install this Windows 8 cloud storage app, upload, store files here and just stop carrying those little pen drives…