Book Bazaar Reader: Free Ebook Reader App For Windows 8

Book Bazaar Reader is a free eBook reader app for Windows 8 that gives you the power to browse and read eBooks for free! The app shows multiple open-source publication websites, such as Feedbooks, Guteenberg, Book Server, TzSc, Beam eBooks, and Atramenta, where you can browse for different eBooks and add them to the app’s library for later reading. You can also open ebooks in this app from your PC or using a direct web url.

The app supports EPUB, MOBI, FB2, and TXT formats. You can set bookmarks, highlight text in different colors, or add notes on the book’s pages. Plus, you can also share a particular highlight or note with friends using Windows Share Charm. In this free eBook reader app for Windows 8, you can get almost every popular book, ranging from different genre like thriller, horror, drama; plus almost anything from classic to latest, such as Twilight Saga, A Tale of Two Cities, Les Misérables, The Art of War, Lord of the Rings, Dracula etc.

Book Bazaar Reader-library

This free eBook Reader App for Windows 8 is available under the Books & Reference Category in Windows Store.

Browsing, Adding, and Reading books using Book Bazaar Reader:

The app’s interface is kept pretty simple. It consists of a library where you can add numerous eBooks from multiple sources. There are options for browsing books, adding them to library, and deleting them from the library, but they are very basic and not very graphically appealing. On the other hand, the option for reading books is pretty good. While turning a page, the app gives an animated effect which gives a feel of turning the page as in real life.

You can add bookmarks on pages for later reading, highlight a section, add notes of different color on the highlights, and share these highlights via email or Reddhub using the Windows Share Charm. Performing all these operations is pretty easy, but at the same time the app also provides a step by step instructions on “How-tos” within itself. This makes learning the app more easier.

When you open the app you’ll be with the Library Screen (above screenshot), where you can add ebooks by clicking on the Add Book button. This button appears under the flyout which pops-up when you make a right click on the library screen. After that all you have to do is make a search for the desired book from the different open publication websites’ catalogs and add them to your library. One good feature of the app is: you can also see a brief description of the book while browsing.

Book Bazaar Reader-Browsing books

Reading is pretty easy. Simply click on the book which you want to read, and the book gets opened. To flip a page just click on the very end of the page or you can also click on the top corner and drag the page. The app also provides different page setting options like page color, font size and color, line spacing etc. This further improves the book reading experience. You can alter these settings by right clicking on the page screen.

Book Bazaar Reader-text settings

Key Features of this Free eBook Reader App for Windows 8:

  • Free eBook app for Windows 8.
  • Read eBooks for free.
  • Browse and read thousands of books from different open publication websites.
  • Books of different genre and age are available.
  • Add books from the files on PC or using direct web url.
  • Supports EPUB, MOBI, FB2, and TXT formats.
  • Good book reading features.
  • Sharing option for particular highlight, note via Share charm.
  • Saves and loads the last opened page when you open the book next time.
  • Step by step instructional book on “How-to” within the app.
  • Simple and easy  to use.

Final Note:

Book Bazaar Reader is a very good  eBook reader app for Windows 8. The range of books that you can browse and read is something praiseworthy.The reading book feature is also very impressive. Though there are big sized ads but, it counts to nothing with the different inbuilt features, and above all it’s totally free!

Get Book Bazaar Reader here.