Bing’s Wallpapers: Windows 8 Wallpapers App

Bing’s Wallpapers is a free Windows 8 wallpapers app placed under the ‘Photo’ section of Windows 8 App Store. Here, in this wallpaper app for Windows 8, you will find all the wallpapers available in Bing’s website, right on your Windows 8 system. You can also search wallpapers by a specific country and date. The app lets you ‘Set as Lock Screen’ any selected wallpaper you like to download and save it to your local picture library.

Wallpapers make your desktop screen or Lock Screen in this case, very lively and refreshing that encourages you to work harder. You can select any wallpaper everyday and change the view of your Windows 8’s Lock Screen everyday.

Windows 8 wallpapers app

It’s a very easy-to-access Windows 8 wallpaper app that brings you hundreds of high-resolution amazing wallpapers of animals, nature, places, buildings, and more. If you want to search for wallpapers, just right-click anywhere on the screen ? three different options will get opened in the horizontal panel: Region, Month, & Year ? you need to select according to your preferences and then click on ‘Search’ button to retrieve wallpapers of that region and mentioned date. To view all the wallpapers, you need to move towards the right side using the given horizontal bar or using the mouse wheel. Let me quickly point out the main key features of this wallpaper Windows 8 app below.

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Main Features Of Windows 8 Wallpapers App:

  • Brings you hundreds of HD wallpapers, directly from Bing’s website.
  • Lets you search for wallpapers by region and date.
  • Lets you download and save wallpapers to your local Windows 8’s picture library.
    Bing's Wallpaper
  • Lets you ‘Set as Lock Screen’ your favorite wallpaper.
  • It’s a free Windows 8 app.

Well, what I did not like about this Windows 8 wallpapers app is the lack of sharing option. Yup.. you can not share wallpapers with others. If you want to share a wallpaper with others, then you will have to download it to your local picture library and then attach it while sending an email. Huh!.. it’s a long procedure. Also, the number of wallpapers are limited. Hence, I am going to skip this app. Instead, I would prefer downloading Backgrounds Wallpapers HD.

How To Download Bing’s Wallpaper In Windows 8:

  1. Head over to the Windows 8 Store.
  2. Search for ‘Bing’s Wallpapers’ by entering the name in the Search Charm (press ‘Win+Q to open the search Charm).
  3. Now, you can easily proceed with further installation steps.
  4. Soon, you will find the app installed in your Windows 8 system.

In short, Bing’s Wallpapers is a nice wallpaper app for Windows 8 where you can get a number of high-resolution wallpapers, right on your Windows 8 system. Go ahead and make your Windows 8 screen live and fresh everyday.