Windows 8 Bike Race Game With Multiplayer Mode: Bike Mania 2 Multiplayer

Bike Mania 2 Multiplayer is a free Windows 8 bike race game. In this game, you can race as a single player with computer, or multiplayer with an online user. In single player mode, you have to ride a bike and complete the race to win it. In multiplayer mode, you have to race with an online user and finish it first to win. The game provides many different racing levels, and there are 3 different world in which you can race. It also provides a garage where you can change your bike or its parts. You can also upgrade to a new bike if you want.

Bike Mania 2 Multiplayer - Bike Race Game

Gameplay of this Windows 8 Bike Race Game App

The game is very exciting and adventurous, you will have a lot of fun while playing it. As you launch the game, you will find three different options on the start screen: Single Player, Multiplayer, and Garage. Let’s take a look at each one of them one by one.

Single Player Mode:

Bike Mania 2 Multiplayer - Single Player Mode

To win the race in a single player mode, you have to complete a race. While racing you will find many obstacles to stop you from completing it. Obstacles like tree branches, stones, falling stone, crash planes parts, pipes, pyramids, small mountains, mummy’s, idols, etc., will try to stop you. Sometime stones will be falling from sky to prevent you from completing the race. Try to escape these obstacles and win the game. Every win will unlock the next level. You can also create stunts to make the game more exciting.

Multiplayer Mode: Bike Mania 2 Multiplayer - Multiplayer Mode

After completing the first-four levels, multiplayer mode will be unlocked. In Multiplayer mode, you have to compete with an online user playing this game from anywhere around the world. You can compete with one user at a time. You can also login from your Facebook account, compete with your Facebook friend, and share your game status on Facebook. You and your friend, both should be connected to Facebook from this app to play online.

Bike Mania 2 Multiplayer - Ranking

The app also keep the records of your online race in multiplayer mode. It analyze them and provide Rankings. This makes the game more exciting.

Note: The online race is not a real-time race. The race is managed by this app to make it look like real-time.

Garage: Bike Mania 2 Multiplayer - Garage

You can change bike and its useful parts from the garage. You can buy parts using stars which you have collected by winning races in Single player and Multiplayer Modes. Bikes, wheels, suits, and Helmets are available in the Garage option.

Game Controls:

It is very easy to race in this game app. The game is controlled by four arrow keys: Right, Left, Up, and Down. Up arrow is used to ride bike forward. Down arrow is used to ride bike backwards. Right and Left arrow keys are useful for controlling the bike while tackling obstacles on the road. Right arrow is used to lean forward the bike, and Left arrow is used to ride bike on back tyre.

Some Key Features of this Bike Race Game

  • Multi-player mode available.
  • It is a simple and lightweight.
  • You can unlock more than 100 racing levels.
  • Aztec trial, Pyramid zone, and Industrial zone are the three different race worlds in this app.

Doodle Biker and Speed Rovers are some other bike race games you could try. For other type of racing games, you may try Offroad Racing and Drift Mania: Street Outlawz Lite.


Bike Mania 2 Multiplayer is a very interesting bike racing game. It’s a lightweight game with good quality graphics. I enjoyed this game a lot and definitely recommends it!

Try this Bike Mania 2 Multiplayer from here.