Bible App For Windows 8

Bible is a free bible app for Windows 8 that allows you to read the bible book available in different languages, translated by various authors. The purpose of providing this Windows 8 Bible app in various languages is to make you comfortable reading and understanding in case you belong to a different country, where reading Bible is not the main religion.

Features Of Bible App For Windows 8:

  • Completely free.
  • Offers features like Highlight, Versions, Add Parallel and the like.
  • Mark the important lines using your favorite color with Highlight option.
  • Get the Bible in other language if you are stuck.
  • Enables you to read different translations of Bible.
  • Lets you listen the Bible.
  • Lets you to easily read the articles by enabling the large screen option.
  • You can easily share with your friends Over Twitter and Facebook.
  • Available within Windows 8 App Store.

Bible App

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Windows 8 Bible App comes up with features such as Highlight, Play Audio, Add Parallel, Versions, Previous, and Next. Just click the right mouse button in order to access these features.

The “Highlight” option lets you mark the important and the best lines using a different color. The good utility “Add Parallel” option lets you read understand the meaning of the words written in Bible. You can also listen to the words written in Bible by clicking over to “Play Audio” option.

In short, Bible App for Windows 8 is an excellent app especially, for those who love to read the religion based books. You must try this Windows 8 app available under the Spotlight category in Windows 8 App Store.