4 Best Windows 8 Apps Selected From The Week Ending July 1st, 2012

Here, are 4 best Windows 8 apps selected from the week ending July 1st, 2012 to help you not to spend your valuable time on searching over the Windows 8 App store.

Each below listed app will be beneficial to you in some or the other way. However, before I get into the description of each given app for Windows 8, let me jot down the names quickly — Chemical Reactions App, Cocktail Flow, Albums App, and Fine Cooking App.

Lets Get Started With:


A chemical reactions app for Windows 8, TouchMoI, lets you create chemical structure using various available tools. Once created, you can also share those chemical structures with your friends or teachers. You can also import or export chemical structures easily. Read more about TouchMoI and try it out.

Cocktail Flow:

Discover a growing collection of hard drinks at this Cocktail Flow app for Windows 8 . The Windows 8 app comes with a variety of different cocktails along with the recipes to make them. Well, I am quite sure, many of you must be unaware about many of the available cocktails. Therefore, you can also learn the names of the some new cocktails over this Windows 8 app. Read our entire post on Cocktail Flow.


As the name says, Albums is an album app for Windows 8 that allows you to save all your past memories at a single place. The good part is that along with saving pictures, you can also edit albums, create new ones, and view pictures in a full HD screen. Read our entire post on Albums app for Windows 8.

Fine Cooking

Learn to cook variety of different yummy recipes over this Fine Cooking app for Windows 8. It comes up with the main ingredients required to cook and the method as to how to cook a selected dish. This Windows 8 cooking app includes dishes that are good in nutrient to help you stay fit and healthy. Read the entire post on Fine Cooking app for Windows 8.