AwesomePictures: Free Windows 8 Photo Editing App

AwesomePicture is a free Windows 8 photo editing app using which you can edit  of your favorite pictures and photographs in your own amazing style.

This photo editing app for Windows 8 is quite helpful for those who always want to edit photographs online and give them a trendy look and regularly upload their photos on Facebook and other social networking sites. So, it’s a kind of Windows 8 app that you will really appreciate while working on it.

You can use any kind of picture format, whether its .JPEG, .PNG, .GIF etc. This Windows 8 photo editing app supports a lots of various formats. You can simply use the tools to edit the picture and can give it your personal touch. With all that you can use various textures and backgrounds for your image and can also annotate your pictures with arrows, circles and types of messages you want.


You can have a look on the interface of this Windows 8 app here. You can use the tools to add your own creativity and can give any image a new look. You can also use a picture to convey a message to someone by using arrows and other shapes. You can also use different color to signify anything you want.

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This Windows 8 photo editing app also provides you with various textures to add to your picture which will give a trendy look to your image and will make it more attractive & innovative. You can use number of colors here with the color palate. The main feature of this free Windows 8 app is the blur tool which is mostly used in Photoshop with the help of which you can smoothen a desired part of an image.

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Give this Windows 8 photo editing app a trial on your desktop and you can simple give a new and more trendy look to your images.