Aero Adjuster Brings Windows 8 Aero Color Change Feature To Windows 7

Here is how you can use a small utility tool called as “Aero Adjuster” to bring Windows 8 aero color change effect to Windows 7.

In Windows 8, Aero automatically detects the color and intensity of the current desktop wallpaper and changes its glass color and intensity according to that. This effect is not possible with Windows 7. But you can use a tool called as “Aero Adjuster” to view the same effect on your Windows 7 PC.

You can download “Aero Adjuster” from here :

Aero Adjuster is a portable application, which means you are not required to install it. Just unzip the downloaded file on a location of your choice, double-click the executable ”Aero Adjuster” file and you are done. Now, you can see the “Aero Adjuster” icon in your task bar. You can right-click the icon to see a list of operations that you can perform with this tool.


You can Fit Aero color to the wallpaper color, invert the color, adjust the brightness of the aero according to the brightness of your wallpaper, ignore non-colors like black, grey and white, enable various color transitions and so on.

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If you do not like the changes, you can always revert back to original aero color by clicking on “Restore original aero color” option.