Adventure Game For Windows 8: Runfield+

Runfield+ is a free Adventure Game For Windows 8 and 8.1 computers. This is a quite entertaining game, and comes as a very light package. You are a fox in this game, and you have to run across the field endlessly. But that is not it, you will face many ditches which you have to be careful of, and jump across them to run for as long as you can. With amazing graphic and sound effect, this adventure game for Windows 8 is worth a download.

adventure game for Windows 8

How To Install Runfield+ On Windows 8 Devices:

As mentioned earlier, this adventure game occupies a nominal space on your computer. With a size of 8.72 MB, it downloads and installs quickly. Find this game on Windows App Store. The download link is available at the end of this article. Click Install to download and automatically install this adventure game for Windows 8.

adventure game for Windows 8

How To Play Runfield+ On Windows 8 Devices:

Playing this endless running game id really very easy. All you need to do is press Space button to jump over ditches. If you are using Windows 8 tablets, then simply tap anywhere on the screen to make the fox jump. Click on the main screen to begin playing this adventure game for Windows 8.

adventure game for Windows 8Just a simple click, or tap, and off you go. The game begins as you jump for the first time. The fox starts to run slowly in the beginning of this game. The ditches will appear suddenly, so you have to jump as soon as you near the ditch.

adventure game for Windows 8

There are no other controls, or powers available in this adventure game for Windows 8. This is a simple, but entertaining game. The speed of the fox increases as you proceed with the game. The increasing speed increases the difficulty of the game, and the ditches start to appear more often. So, you got to be more careful, and use your reflexes properly.

adventure game for Windows 8On the top left of the screen you can view your current score, while on the top right corner the high score record appears. Try to break the high score each time you play.

adventure game for Windows 8

If you fall into a ditch, the game ends, and displays your score. It also displays if you made a new record! Restart the game to begin playing again.

Our Verdict..!

This is a simple and very good game with impressive visuals and sound effect. You must try this game if you are bored of all games on your PC, and need a game to pass time.

Download Runfield+ for Windows 8 and 8.1 computers.