4 Free Windows 8 Word Game Apps

Here are 4 free Windows 8 word game apps for those who love to take challenges. Word games are very brainstorming and stagger your minds with alphabets. You need to make words out of the alphabets, using clues and hints available.

All these word game apps for Windows 8 are placed under the ‘Games’ category of Windows 8 App Store. Let me quickly introduce with the names of each Windows 8 word game app below:

  • Crosswords
  • Stroop Attack
  • Wordament
  • Word Search

Let get started with the details:


Crosswords is one of the most popular Windows 8 word game apps where you get a wide selection of crossword puzzle game, satisfying the needs of an enthusiastic player. You can take the challenge of solving most difficult crossword puzzle. There are around 20 different bundles and each bundle contains 5 different levels for you to solve. Read more about Crosswords or simply head over to the store and download it now.

Stroop Attack

Yet another popular Windows 8 word game app, Stroop Attack wiggle you mind with colors and words. You need to pay attention while playing this puzzle game as it comes up with a timer that goes out at one point of time. You can read more about Stroop Attack or just download it from the Windows 8 App store.


Wordament is extremely brainstorming word finding game where you need to find as many words as you can, in a given amount of time. The unique part is that you are competing with the entire Internet, on the same board. It’s a very addictive word finding puzzle.

Also, the app has an in-built dictionary that tell you the most common words you missed, while solving puzzle. You can get more info about Wordament or just install Wordament from the store now.

Word Search

Ending my short post with this last but of course not the least Windows 8 word game app. Word Search is a word finding puzzle ranging from Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert difficulty levels. There are more than 150 categories ranging from Happy Porter to Pink Floyd. You can easily view highest scores. Get more info about Word Search or simply download it from the Windows 8 App Store now.