4 Free Windows 8 RSS Feed Reader Apps

Here are 4 free Windows 8 RSS feed reader apps. Following an RSS feed is one of the best ways to track latest news, views, and reviews from your favorite website. Below, are 4 free Windows 8 RSS feed reader apps that can help you in staying updated. Each app included below is 100% free and functional. If you are still looking for a free Windows 8 RSS app with decent capabilities then either of those hand-picked apps will mark an end to your search. Have a look …

RSS Reader Lite App For Windows 8


RSS Reader Lite is definitely a good option for you. What I like most was its  simple & straightforward functioning. On Your first visit you will be prompted to enter the RSS feed URL to be tracked. Here, you can add multiple RSS feeds without any problem and access them individually. In addition, it lets you read the page content without having to leave the application window. The best part is that the formatting, style, images of the webpage appear same as on web browser. As per my view RSS Reader Lite is not that ‘lite’; instead it is stuffed with features. To know more about RSS Reader Lite you can click here.

Live Reader Windows 8 RSS Reader App

Live Reader is another good free Windows 8 RSS feed reader. It lets you read multiple RSS/Atom feeds and fetch content of webpages as well. The main highlight of this app is that you are provided with the option to search for the phrases & keywords across all added by you. It comes handy for people with aim to do some advance online research over some topic. You add RSS feeds of a few websites in same niche and check for the latest updates on topic of your interest. To gain more information on Live Reader Windows 8 RSS reader app you can click here.

Simple RSS Reader App For Windows 8


Simple RSS Reader also allows you to add multiple RSS feeds and read the page content. This app offers a very nice reader-friendly interface for viewing the page content. It can be quite handy in situation where the site offer good content with an overdose of JavaScript/flash-Adds. Everyone world know that it is easier to read plain text than one with distracting colors. The difference becomes evident when you have too-much to read. No need to worry as option to view webpage in browser is always with you. To know more you can click here.

Dark RSS Reader App For Window 8

The Dark RSS reader app for Windows 8 supports RSS, RDF and ATOM feeds and allows you to track multiple websites in highly convenient manner. The interface for reading is not so impressive, but the overall impression was quite nice. To get more information on Dark RSS Reader you can click here.

* Each app stated above requires access to your Internet connection.