4 Free Windows 8 To Do List Apps

Below are 4 free Windows 8 to do list apps that can help you in staying organized. As a normal being we tend to forget and then have to regret upon the consequences. Be it your personal life or your business life, staying focused will always benefit you. One of the easiest ways would be to utilize a to do list management app. That can really help. How? Have a look …

Taskorami DIY App For Windows 8:


Taskorami is a nice Windows 8 To Do List App to create multiple virtual projects. This allows you to have multiple lists that can be managed separately in a quick and efficient manner. The best thing about this DIY app is that it’s very flexible to meet needs and requirements of all. It suits best for creating and managing personal to do lists.

Here, you are not provided with advance team management options, but still the overall impression delivered was quite good. To know more about Taskorami DIY App For Windows 8, you can click here.

To Dos: To Do List Manager For Windows 8

windows 8 to do list apps

To Dos is another nice free Windows 8 task manager app that allows you to create a quick list of important tasks to be accomplished. The good thing about using this to do list app for Windows 8 is that the tasks in your list are automatically shown inside the app tile on the start screen. Here, you can’t create multiple lists. It suits best for scenarios where you have only one major task with different sub-tasks to be performed. To know more on To Dos App For Windows 8, you can click here.

to Doom: Windows 8 To Do List Manager App


to Doom is an advance Windows 8 To Do List App with similar features to that of Taskorami. Here, you can create multiple numbers of manageable free to do lists. You not only define different tasks to be accomplished, but also define a deadline as well. The main advantage of using this app is the pending tasks are highlighted automatically on priority basic. to Doom suits best for managing tasks that are bound by a defined deadline. To gain more information on to Doom, you can click here.

Portable To-Do List: Windows 8 To Do List App


Portable To-Do List takes any normal text file as input with assumption that individual tasks are separated by line breaks. It suits best in scenarios where you operate on Windows 8, but on different machines. What you can do is to take the text file with you and continue with task list management. Feature of  online Sync is absent, but who needs it with this sort of mechanism. To know more about Portable To-Do List app, you can click here.

So, use the one that matches with your specific requirement; till I bring you something even better.