4 Free Windows 8 Expense Tracker Apps

Here are 4 free Windows 8 Expense Tracker apps that let you manage your expenses by keeping a regular eye on it. You can capture details of your daily expenses. But. one you thing you need to take care of is that make sure that you are connected to the Internet while accessing these expense tracker Windows 8 apps as the storage is cloud-based.

All of these expense tracker apps are placed under different sections of Windows 8 app store. Let me quickly bring out the names of all the expense tracker apps along with the categories in which they have been included:

  • Expense MX (Productivity)
  • Track Expense (Finance)
  • My Expenser (Business)
  • ExpenseTracker (Business)

To install one, you need to either head over to the app store and look for the app by typing the name in the Search Charm (press ‘Win+Q’ to open) or just open the link in IE10, given below the description of each Windows 8 expense tracker app. Lets get started with:

Expense MX

Windows 8 Expense Tracker apps

Expense MX is a very simple and easy to use expense tracking Windows 8 app designed especially for business people who capture their expense receipts’ details, every now and then. You can also export its as CSV, take print outs, or just share with others.

In addition, you can also upload images of the receipts from your local computer library, SkyDrive, etc. or just capture from within the app, instantly. The app also asks you to tag receipts and fill in the details including category of your expense, description of your expense, location, and amount. On the home page, you will find summary of your expenses that make you aware about how much total money have you spent so far, how much you will get from your debtors and the like. Let me quickly point out the main features of Expense MX below:

Key Features Of Expense MX:

  • Lets you manage expenses.
  • Lets you export as CSV
  • Lets you put pictures of you receipts. You can easily upload from local computer, SkyDrive or just capture one using the integrated camera.
  • Supports camera.
  • Lets you take print outs of your expense report.
  • It’s a free Windows 8 app.

All in all, Expense MX is a good utility Windows 8 expense tracker app where you can manage all your income, spending, savings, etc. You can install it for easy management of money. Go ahead and download Expense MX now..

Works with: Windows 8

Price: Free

Download: Click Here

Track Expense

Expense Tracker Windows 8 app

Available under the ‘Finance’ section of Windows 8 App Store, Track Expense brings a more advanced way to manage your income and spending. It comes up with cloud storage service, hence saves you money management on its cloud. You need to login via your Microsoft Account (live ID) to view the saved records of all your expenses.

You need to not do anything. As you launch the app, it will automatically login with your live ID. Its very simple expense tracker app, you just need to input amount you received or spent, choose a category (such as Food, Travel, Shopping, Personal, Business, etc.), select the type of transaction (Inflow / Outflow), and just click on ‘Save’ button. This will instantly add to the list given at the right side, in tabular form. You can also delete existing transactions. Let me bring out the main features below:

Key Features Of Track Expense:

  • Lets you track expenses and income in an advanced way.
  • Stores you money management records in its cloud.
  • You need to login via Microsoft Account (live ID).
  • You need to fill in the categories such as expense amount, expense category, Inflow / Outflow.
  • Lets you delete the existing transactions.
  • It’s a free Windows 8 app.

In a nutshell, Track Expense is a nice utility expense track app for Windows 8 where you can record all your incomes & spending, thereby managing your money smartly. Go ahead and download Track Expense in Windows 8 now. To download, just head over to the app store, search for ‘Track Expense’ and proceed with further downloading steps.

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My Expenser

Windows 8 Expense Tracker app

Yet another utility Windows 8 expense tracker app, My Expenser lets you track all your daily expenses so that you can manage your income smartly and can save a few for future use. Just keep the app opened and add whatever spending you do throughout the day. Now, after a month or year, you can view your history and can see how have you spent our income. This way you can cut not so important expenses, in case your budget does not allow you.

All you need to do is, just launch the app, enter the Expense tile, enter the amount of your expense, choose a method (Credit / Debit) and click on ‘Add Expense’ button. Soon you will get a pop-up saying that ‘You Expense Store Successfully !!’. You can also view your spending history by clicking on ‘View History’ button. Let me give you a list of My Expenser’s features below:

Main Features Of My Expenser:

  • Lets you track all your daily expenses.
  • Lets you view history of your expenses.
  • You need to fill in the sections such as Expense tile, amount of expense, and method (Credit / Debit).
  • Lets you view total expenses and total income.
  • It’s a free Windows 8 app.

Well.. I really liked this Windows 8 expense tracker app. It’s very simple and easy to manage money app. Go ahead and download My Expenser now..

Works with: Windows 8

Price: Free

Download: Click Here


Expense Tracker Windows 8 apps

Ending my short post with this last but definitely not the least expense tracking Windows 8 app, ExpenseTracker. It allows you to keep track of all your daily expenses. This helps you view the way you spend you monthly income.

The interesting part about this Windows 8 expense tracker is that you can add new categories to the category list. Though, there are many default categories included in it. To add a new expense, just right-click anywhere on the screen ? click on ‘Add New’ button given in the horizontal panel. Now, you need to fill in the expense details such as Expense Name, Amount, Date, Category, and Notes. Yup.. you can also add some notes to keep the expense remembered even after months. Once done, just click on ‘Save’ button. This one is the best of all above I found. Go ahead and download ExpenseTracker now..

Works with: Windows 8

Price: Free

Download: Click Here