4 Best Windows 8 Apps Selected From The Week Ending July 8th, 2012

Here, are 4 best Windows 8 apps selected from the week ending July 8th, 2012 to help you stop installing each and every app which actually takes away your system’s memory. Our weekly featured article on Windows 8 apps, lets you install just the good selected apps from the Windows 8 app store.

Let me quickly summarize the name before getting down towards its description – Wallpaper App, Wine List App, Burrp App, and Video Recipe App.

Lets Get Started With:

Daily Wallpaper App For Windows 8:


An amazing app for Windows 8 that lets you keep your windows 8 desktop screen as fresh everyday as a flower. Yup…Daily Wallpaper app for Windows 8 comes up with a collection of hundreds of beautiful wallpapers everyday in different categories such as Today’s Wallpapers, Trending Images, SkyDrive, and Local Images.

The good part about this wallpaper app for Windows 8 is that you can import photos from a camera, or your system’s picture library. Apart from this, you can also share these wallpapers with your friends. You can also save a selected wallpaper on your PC. Well, the app has many other features. Read the entire post on Daily wallpaper App posted by us.

Burrp App For Windows 8:


This good utility Windows 8 app brings you all the rated options for best nearby pubs, nearby restaurants, salons, shopping outlets, spas, parlors and the good nearby hangouts. Yupp…it actually retrieves your current location and displays all the possible options available for top rated places.

The good part is that apart from searching for the above mentioned places, you can also look for details of each selected place such as the contact details, photos, menu, and the like. You can read more about Burrp App in our recent post.

Wine List Windows 8 App:

This amazing app for Windows 8 is creating a huge buzz in the Windows 8 store. Wine List app brings you a complete list of almost all the wines available in the market, along with the prices. With this Wine app for Windows 8, you can easily remember your favorite wine name with its price.

The good part is that you can create your personal list wherein you can add the names of your favorite wines to remember so that you can quick point it out in the menu, the next time you go out with your colleagues or friends. Read more about Wine List App in our full-fledged post.

Video Recipe App For Windows 8:


It’s not just a recipe book. Yupp…you read it correct. Video Recipe app, as the name suggests, lets you learn cooking different types of delicious recipes, not just by reading the method but by watching videos available for each given recipe. You can read the ingredients required to make a selected recipe, follow the step-by-step method along with watching videos, so that you do not make a mistake while cooking.

The good part is that the app displays the alternatives for some of difficult finding ingredients to help you make a dish in the best possible taste. Read more about Video Recipe App posted by us.