4 Best Software For Windows 8 Selected From Last Week’s Reviewed Ones

Here are 4 Best Software for Windows 8 selected from the last week’s reviewed ones. Yup…again back with the weekly post on software for Windows 8, those software that work absolutely well in the Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS.

Well, each day we bring you good utility Windows 8 software so that you do not require to explore the entire Internet and look for appropriate software for Windows 8. However, by the end of the week, we pick out some of the best from among the reviewed ones

Let me quickly summarize — Recovery Tool, Cleaner for Windows 8, Tool to delete temporary file, and Card Maker. Below given is the brief description about each.

Recovery Tool In Windows 8:

One of the good utility software that lets you restore all the deleted files in Windows 8. Recuva restores and locates the deleted files,   which were actually thought to be lost permanently, to its original place. The good part about this recovery tool is that you can recover emails, formatted disk, deleted music, and more. Read more about Recuva or simply give it try here.

CCleaner To Clean Windows 8 PC:

Another good utility software to keep your Windows 8 fresh and new. CCleaner is free tool that lets you clean Windows 8 PC. It cleans areas like temporary files, cookies, download history, old registry, and more. Also, this cleaner for Windows 8 protects privacy online and makes your system secure and fast. Read more about CCleaner or give it a trial here.

Card Making Software For Windows 8:

CardMaker, a free card making software for Windows 8 to create cards by customizing according to your preferences. This card maker for Windows 8 comes up with single page cards such as post cards, thank you cards, invitation cards and many more. Read more about CardMaker or just try it out here.

Delete Temporary Files In Windows 8:

EraseTemp is a free Windows 8 program that enables you to delete temporary files automatically, in Windows 8. Unlike other such tools, EraseTemp has option todelete old temporary files, by default. EraseTemp deletes those files which are at least one day earlier than the current date. Read the entire post on EraseTemp or simply give it try here.