3 Free Windows 8 Movie Apps

Here are 3 free Windows 8 Movie apps available under the ‘Entertainment’ category of Windows 8 Store. All these movie apps for Windows 8 bring you a broadest collection of blockbuster movies, watch trailers of upcoming movies, and stream videos without registering anywhere. Whenever you want to know about the latest coming movie, what you usually do is browse through the Internet.. well not any more. These Windows 8 movie apps do all that for you.

Lets me quickly point out the name of each Windows 8 movie app below:

  • BigFlix
  • Movie Express
  • SnagFilms

Lets get started with the first one:


Windows 8 Movie Apps

One of the most popular movie watching websites, is now available as an app in Windows 8 Store for free. This Windows 8 movie app lets you watch all the blockbuster movies, right on your Windows 8 system. Provided that you have your Internet properly connected.

Along with watching released movies, you can also watch trailers of all the upcoming movies or stream videos without registering anywhere. The app brings you links to a number of blockbuster movies in various languages such as English, Hindi, Malayalam, Gujarati, and many more. You can easily use filtration and search for favorite movie of any region. Also, there is an option to watch videos of popular tracks. Let me make it sure that watching trailer is absolutely free, but if you want to watch a complete movie, then in that case you need to pay some amount to the website. Read more about BigFlix or simply head over to the Windows 8 Store and install it from there.

Movie Express

Movie App Windows 8

Another movies app for Windows 8, Movie Express that gives you every possible info about all the latest upcoming movies. You can easily check out and browse around a number of movies, watch trailer, and read updated reviews: the details of the movie, the stars acting in the movie, release date, and more. This helps you decide whether to watch a particular movie or not.

In addition, this Windows 8 movies app brings you some details about various Chinese movies with its genre and bio. Read more about Movie Express or just go onto the Windows 8 Store and download it.


Windows 8 Movie

SnagFilms lets you watch videos on demand along with movies online. Films that entertain you, give you information, inspire you, satisfy your taste, and lets you engage are what you are going to get here in this Windows 8 movie app. You can view details of a particular movie, demand to play right on your Windows 8 screen.

Just click on a movie tile you want to watch. The interesting part about this Windows 8 movies app is that you can share movies with others via Share Charm of Windows 8 (press ‘Win+C’). Read more SnagFilms or head over to the Store and install it right now.