Kindle: Windows 8 eBook App

Kindle is a free Windows 8 eBook App that lets you read books online without going through a browser. The app for Windows 8 has been designed for the bibliophile. Yes, you are right, for those who just love reading books.

Well personally, I am really not into books but, its okay reading sometimes when there is nothing much to do. So, it would be a nice pass time to spend your evening cup of tea with an interesting book or say, an eBook. This Windows 8 Kindle app gives you the liberty to have a collection of over 10 lac books in your Kindle account. You just have to sign into Kindle with an Amazon account or you can sign up first. And it will take you to the world bank of free eBooks.


So just sign in, and it will soon take you to, into the Kindle section, where you can purchase any eBook you want. To do so, just click on it, check its review or ratings and add it to your shopping cart. There are also some free eBooks, which I think you would like to add into your Kindle account. And let me tell you there is a large number of variety like Fiction, Non-Fiction, Humor, Biographies, fantasy etc etc and just trust me, etc.

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You can use the Kindle Store to select any free eBook from and then add it to your Kindle account. Just go to your Kindle app account and sync your choice. And the book will be added in your Library and your Kindle Device & Cloud.


While reading your book, it will automatically get downloaded and later on, you can just read it anytime you want.


Overall its kind of nice Windows 8 eBook app for those who are really into books. And literally, “Really”… So guys just give it a shot. Kindle app for Windows 8 is available under the “Books & References” category of Windows 8 store.

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