Windows 8 Typing App To Check Typing Speed: WPM Count

WPM Count is a free Windows 8 typing app that lets you test and improve your typing speed by counting number of words you type in a minute. With the help of this app, you can try to type as many words in a minute as you can, and improve your typing speed. The app offers two language options: English and Norwegian.

This free Windows 8 typing app is a single screen app and very easy to use. It displays a series of moving words on the screen. You have to type as many words as you can in a minute. Meanwhile, a timer will control your time limit. The app also displays your score and the number of misspelled words you have typed.

WPM Count

The app can be availed freely from the Education category of Windows Store. Search for the app using Win+Q key combination or use the link given at the end to view it directly in Windows Store.

Let’s have a deeper look at this free Windows 8 typing app.

Improve your Typing Speed using WPM Count:

WPM Count is an extremely simple app that helps you improve your typing speed.

After installing and launching, as you land to the main screen of the app, you will find two panels in the middle of the screen. Below these screen panels, Start/ Restart button will be placed. Below this button, you will find a dropdown to select language. Choose between the two language options (English and Norwegian) and click on Start/ Restart button to start the test.

WPM Count - Scores

As you do this, you will see a series of random words moving from right to left edge of the screen panel. You have to type these words properly in sequence. Always type the first word in the moving sequence as it reaches the left edge, after which it disappears from the screen. Remember not to jump a word as it will not be recognised and counted as a mistake. If you misspell a word, your typing screen will turn red. The timer will control your time limit. Once your time is over, your score will be displayed on the screen. The number of misspelled words while typing will also be displayed along.

Click on Start/ Restart button to start the typing speed test again.

Key Features of this free Windows 8 Typing App:

  • Single screen app
  • Simple and lightweight
  • Count words typed in a minute
  • Displays random words to type
  • Score displayed to check your performance

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My Verdict:

WPM Count is a nice free Windows 8 typing app to help you improve your typing speed. By trying to type as many words in a minute as you can, you can speed up your typing and have a better grip over the keyboard. Try it out and share your views via comments.

Get WPM Count here!

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