Windows 8 Note Taking And Sketching App: Bamboo Paper

Bamboo Paper is a free note taking and sketching app developed and designed for Windows 8 and 8.1 computer. The app can help you in drawing and writing as well. The app is developed by the native Wacom Company which makes tablets and stylus for graphic designing and for much more.

When the note taking and sketching app is installed on the Windows computer, it takes you through a tour of what all you can do in with Bamboo Paper. You can draw, sketch, take notes and write your ideas or anything else you want to do in it.

Note Taking And Sketching App

The first book is made automatically by the app. You can change the name of the notebook, change the front cover’s color from the mentioned colors on the dock below, you can also change the paper’s style of the notebook. There are five types of papers available to be chosen from namely plain paper, paper with vertical lines, paper with horizontal lines, paper with grids and paper with dot grids.

Note Taking And Sketching App

In this note taking and sketching app, there are various tools comprising of pens and brushes that include ball pen, felt pen, pencil, brush pen, watercolor brush and crayon. From the list only ball pen and felt pen are free to be used, rest of the tools can be available only if you start trial mode of them or purchase them. All these pens and brushes can be used for writing, sketching, coloring and highlighting the content made or written on the paper. There are different colors for writing or drawing that can be selected from the color palette.

Apart from the paper types mentioned earlier, there are paper types that are especially crafted for thinker, maker, artist and writer. There are different types of papers under all these categories. You can export the notebook in the formats of bamboopaper and PDF.

Bamboo Paper

In addition to drawing or writing on the notebook, you can also add images from camera as well as from the drive of your Windows 8 and 8.1. You can add multiple notebooks with different categories. There are some of the features that are locked but can be unlocked if purchased.

Download Bamboo Paper.