Windows 8 Farm Game Free: Funny Bunny Adventures

Funny Bunny Adventures is a nice Windows 8 Farm Game. In this game, you have to play as a bunny who is into planting carrots. While farming, the bunny often comes in contact of many evil and good characters like Witch, Dog, Leprichaun, Cow, Fairy, and many others. While the evil characters can be harmful to the bunny, the good characters can turn out to be profitable for the bunny.

The game has 35 levels and 3 playing worlds. Carrots are the earning points of this Windows 8 Farm Game. Using these carrots, you can upgrade the abilities of funny bunny. Also, there are hidden mini games in this Windows 8 Farm Game, which makes it even more interesting to play this game. This Game is freely available in the Games category of the Windows Store.

Funny Bunny  Adventures

Let’s get you a better idea about the game.

Playing this free Windows 8 Farm Game

As you land into Funny Bunny Adventure, you will be given two options to play, namely Easy and Interesting. For both of these options, same levels are available. In the Adventure option, the level of gameplay is more Interesting and harder then the Easy Level.

Funny Bunny Adventures- Levels

Now, you will have to reach a particular spot to begin playing this Windows 8 Farm Game. As you finally get to the game area, instructions on how to play this game will be displayed to you. You can follow any strategy to play the game. On the basis of the strategy you are using to play this Windows 8 Farm Game, stars will be rewarded to you. You just have to sow the carrots in the farm and have to reap them when they are fully grown.  While playing, you will often come in contact with various creatures and characters like Witch, Cow, Dog, Leprichaun, and many others.

Also your score (carrot count), lives available for you, timer, and the stars you have earned will be displayed on the top.

Funny Bunny Adventures- Game play

In addition to all that, in this Windows 8 Farm Game, there are gifts, prizes available for you. Get to the fairy, and a mini game will start.

Funny Bunny Adventures- Mini game

Now, here in this mini game contained within this Windows 8 Farm game, you have to get the patterns that will be shown to you on the left panel. Make such patterns and a fairy reward will be given to you. After this, the main game will resume. In addition to that, there is one more mini game available for you.

This Windows 8 Farm Game also gives you the functionality to improve the capabilities of the Bunny. For that, there is an option available on the level select screen on the top right corner.

Funny Bunny Adventures- Improvements

For adding these improvements to the bunny you have to pay in carrots that you have reaped.

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Key Features of Funny Bunny Adventures

  • Nice Gameplay: The gameplay of Funny Bunny Adventures is quite interesting.
  • You can follow any strategy to play.
  • This Game is freely available in the Windows Store.
  • It uses easy controls to play.
  • 35 levels to play.
  • 3 worlds to choose from to play, namely, Ice, Volcano, and Nature.
  • You even have the functionality to pause the game at anytime.

My Verdict

Going by my experience, I would really recommend the game. The included mini games of the game makes it even more interesting to play.

Get Funny Bunny Adventures here.