Movie Express: Free Windows 8 Movies App

Movie Express is a free Windows 8 movies app with the help of which you can browse through the latest upcoming online movies of all time. Every time you want to know about the upcoming movies you have to browse through all over the internet, which is quite a laborious activity and you have to search each and every page for this.

But, not now, because this Windows 8 app here will tell you everything about the upcoming movies which are still not disclosed. You can get all sort of info about those movies here only. You don’t need to scroll here and there on the internet because you will find everything on this app right on your desktop. You just have to install this movies app for Windows and it will take care about everything else.


This is how the interface of this Windows 8 movies app looks like, quite elegant, and simple. You can browse through hundreds of movies here and can simply check out any of them. Just click on the particular movie you want to know about and check the latest review about that movie.

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You can check the bio of the movie with their stars and co-stars and can get the synopsis here. You can also watch the latest release and trailer of the movie here. Just click on the specific movie and you can automatically watch the movie trailer here. You can also get to know about some Chinese movies here at this Windows 8 app.


Here, you can see the movie trailer of that particular movie with all its bio and genre. You can simply rate the movie here and can check whether this movie is worth watching or not.

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So, just download this Windows 8 movies app on your Windows 8 desktop and update yourself with the latest upcoming movies.