metroAlarm: Windows 8 Alarm Clock App

metroAlarm is a free Windows 8 alarm clock app available under the ‘Tools’ section of Windows 8 app store. This free alarm clock Windows 8 app lets you remember task that you need to perform at a certain point of time. You don’t need to remain on the clock screen. Just set as many alarms as you want and forget everything.

You will be pinged with a toast notification along with a beautiful sound when an alarm goes off. After a few minutes, if you did not wake up, it then starts creating the classic alarm sound loudly, which definitely will wake you up.

The main screen shows you a big digital alarm clock along with date and day. You can also enable the settings in a way that it run in the background and show quick status on the lock screen. You can add new alarms, edit existing ones, or delete all. Right-click anywhere on the screen ? this will open a horizontal panel ? click on ‘Settings’ to add alarm / alarms.

In addition, while you set an alarm, the app will ask you to select alarm details such as name, time, repeat (once, weekdays, weekends, everyday, or customize according to your requirements), or just select a day when you want the alarm to go off every week on that selected day. Right-click anywhere on the screen ? this will open a horizontal panel ? click on ‘Settings’ to add alarm / alarms. Let me quickly point out the main features of this Windows 8 alarm clock app below.

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Key Features Of metroAlarm Windows 8 Alarm Clock App:

  • Lets you set multiple alarms at one time.
  • Runs in the background once set an alarm.
  • Shows you a toast notification when an alarm goes off.
  • Lets you edit existing alarms, or delete all.
  • Brings you a big digital clock on the home page.
  • You can also set the clock to show quick status on the lock screen.
  • It’s a free Windows 8 app.

Well, I really liked this alarm clock app for Windows 8 as it comes up with an option to describe your task as well. This helps you not to forget any single task to perform on time. Also, the sound is loud enough to wake you up (unlike other Alarm Clock).

How To Install metroAlarm In Windows 8:

  1. Head over to Windows 8 App Store and open the Search Bar (press Win+Q).
  2. Type the app name i.e metroAlarm.
  3. Proceed with installation steps ahead.
  4. You are done..

In short, metroAlarm is a nice Windows 8 alarm clock app to remember all your important tasks, right from getting up for your important board meeting to getting up for wishing your wife at 12:00 am. Go ahead and download metroAlarm in Windows 8 now.