Hop As A Pumpkin In This Windows 8 Puzzle Game

Pumpkin Jumpin Free is a free Windows 8 Puzzle Game. Here, you have to play as a Pumpkin who has to hop upon other smaller pumpkins to grab  more coins from them. On your way, you will be having obstacles and powers like stones, blocks, fire, monsters, and many others. Use the powers and get aloof of the obstacles to get more coins. There are two stages available here to play which further have 8 sub levels.

This Windows 8 Puzzle Game is freely available in the Games category of the Windows Store. Polish your thinking capability by finding a way to finally get the maximum points without being engulfed by the monster or falling into the hole.

Pumpkin Jumpin Free

Let’s get you better introduced with this Windows 8 Puzzle Game.

Hop your way around and collect coins in this Windows 8 Puzzle Game

As you get to the game you will be displayed the option to start playing the game.

Pumpklin Jumpin Free- Start Screen

As you use the Play option, the sub levels available for the first stage will appear, of which you can start playing the first sub-level.

Pumpklin Jumpin Free- Stage select

Now, for each of the sub- levels that are available here, you have to collect three pumpkins in all and have to finally reach the cauldron. And according to the number of pumpkins you get the coins in this Windows 8 Puzzle Game. Now, as you select one, the game will begin.

Pumpkin Jumpin Free- Game play

Now, you will be guided in some initial sub- levels of this Windows 8 Puzzle Game. Stones, Candles, and Cauldron are some basic things that will be available for each level. On hitting the stone, the pumpkin can finally start. The lighting candles may be helpful to float and to reach a platform that may be present at some height. Reach the cauldron to finally complete.  Now, as you finally reach the cauldron that is available, your coins count will be displayed. There is also an option to retry the same level if you don’t feel satisfied with your performance.

As you clear the level, you will be able to get to the next sub levels which will be more difficult then their preceding levels. As you get to the next level in this Windows 8 Puzzle Game, the difficulty level will also increase. The successive levels offer difficulties like Monsters and powers like two way doors, Wooden boxes, and other things. Use these powers efficiently so as to get maximum coins.

Along with all these options, there is also an option to pause this Windows 8 Puzzle Game while you are playing. All your score would be preserved and you can work around on other things also.

Pumpklin Jumpin Free-Paused

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Key Features of Pumpkin Jumpin Free

  • Freely available.
  • Nice Interface.
  • Good sound effects.
  • Availability of two levels with each having eight sub- levels.

My Verdict

According to me this is a nice Windows 8 Puzzle Game. It uses good graphics and sound effects. All in all, a nice puzzle game, it deserves a try for sure.

Get Pumpkin Jumpin Free here