5 Free Zombie Game Apps For Windows 8

Recently there has been a boom of new and upcoming games in the Windows App Store, and a new concept of games involving zombies is on the rise. In this list, I intend to feed all you game geeks’ palette by picking out the most awesome and incredible zombie games on the Windows App Store!

So without further ado, lets get started with my list of 5 Free Zombie Games For Windows 8.

5 Free Zombie games

1. Samurai vs Zombies Defense


“A Samurai vs Zombies? That doesn’t make sense!” would probably be your first reaction when you see the name of this game. Zombie apocalypse of future and Samurais of the past would be a weird combination, you might think, but wait up! This combination is insanely good! In this game, you play as a Samurai warrior who has to fend off the impending wave of zombies using his Katana sword and bow and arrows. The game is insanely fun to play, and has incredibly easy controls to understand. Move around with your arrow keys, use the special attack with your W key, and call your allies by clicking on their respective buttons at the bottom. This game is so fun to play, that it beats me, why didn’t someone think of this concept earlier?

Oh, and the best part? It syncs up with your Xbox Live account and all your achievements are synced across all your Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 devices!

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2. Zombabies


Zombabies is a free game which prompts you to shoot baby zombies. Well, shooting babies may not sound like a lot of fun, but when those babies are zombies, trust me, it is a hell lot of fun! In the game, you are a soldier who has to fend off the zombie babies and their parents who have no other motive in their life (um…I guess zombies are already dead, but oh well!) but to attack you till you are dead and one of them. The game has simple controls of using the mouse for moving your gun around, and using the arrow keys to move around. Ammunition are littered throughout the gameplay ground, and when you run out of ammo, you can easily go near an ammo pack, and it will get locked and loaded in your gun. It’s fun to watch those pesky zombies die, and even more fun to know the fact that you were behind the gun which killed them!

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3. GunFinger


GunFinger is one of the best zombies game out there on the Windows App Store. The game first has basic levels where you have to shoot stuff like plates, etc. which are your basic targets. When you are acquainted with the controls, you can then start zombie levels. In the zombie levels, you have to beat and defeat the zombies who come to attack you. You have to move using the arrow buttons, and you can adjust the aimer using your mouse. Headshots give the most points and are capable of killing a zombie in one fired bullet flat! But they are difficult to achieve, and require hours of practice and insane aiming skills! The game also has a huge arsenal of weapons which can be purchased using the coins that you get in the game levels. Go on, get the game and kill those green, ugly creatures!

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4. Zombie Tsunami


Tired of killing the poor little zombies? Zombie Tsunami allows you to play as a zombie who has to avoid obstacles and kill some humans for some juicy brains in the process, Yum! The game is designed in the endless runner concept, and the more humans you consume, the more coins you get. Throughout the game are powerups that you can pick up and coins as well. You start off with one zombie and with powerups and consuming brains, they multiply, hence making it difficult for you to die and easier for you to achieve a high score. Do try to avoid and jump over as many obstacles as you can, because if a zombie gets smashed by a car or by a bus, he dies. If there is only one zombie left in the game (that’s you by the way, you’re the zombie! ) and he gets smashed by a car, it’s game over! The zombies run on their own, and you can make them jump over gaps and obstacles like cars and buses by using the up arrow key.

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5. Awesome Zombie Sniper

Awesome Zombie Sniper Gameplay

Awesome Zombie Sniper is a fun game for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 devices which allows you to snipe and shoot the zombies from a distance. The game involves you using a sniper, as the name of the game suggests, and then locating the zombies in your viewfinder and finally shooting them down. The game gives you a limited health and ammo, and you can pick up health packs and ammo rolls littered in the game. You can move around with the arrow keys and shoot using your mouse, using your right click to open up the viewfinder and the left to fire a shot. Use your ammo wisely, as finding ammo rolls in the game can be cumbersome!

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This winds up my list of 5 free zombie games for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 devices. Which one is your favorite? Do try them out and let me know in the comments below. Smile