Windows 8 Themes for Windows 7, Vista

Here are some of the most attractive Windows 8 themes for Windows 7, and Windows Vista. It’s been six months since the developer preview of Microsoft Windows 8 was released, and the user version is yet to come. Still, a large number of comely and attractive Windows 8 themes are available on internet. There are Windows 8 themes for Windows 7, and Windows 8 themes for Windows Vista.

If you want to have a taste of the look and the feel of Windows 8 without installing its developer’s preview, you can install these Windows 8 themes on your current operating system and satisfy your desire (at least until the stable user version of Windows 8 is released).

In this article, i am going to display few of the good-looking Windows 8 themes and those are my personal favorites too. So you can just dive in and explore the beauty of theses Windows 8 themes and if you like them too, get them installed instantly to have a feel.

Windows 8 Shell Theme (Windows 8 theme for Windows 7)

It is one of the most beautiful Windows 8 themes for windows 7.

Download from here



Windows 8 M3 Themepack (Windows 8 theme for Windows 7)

Download from here.


Windows 8 Super Bar Theme (Windows 8 theme for Windows Vista)

With this Windows 8 theme, you will get a splendid wallpaper and the ability to preview Windows from the extended taskbar.

Download from here.


Windows 8 7282 RC Theme (Windows 8 for Windows Vista)

Download from here.


Windows 8 Pro (Windows 8 theme for Windows Vista)

Another great Windows 8 theme for Windows Vista. Download it from here.

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