3 Free Windows 8 Apps To Change Lock Screen Image

Here are 3 free Windows 8 apps to change lock screen image.

Using these free Windows 8 apps, you can change the background image of your lock screen very quickly with your favourite photos. Some of the apps offer a wide range of wallpapers that you can set as the background image of your lock screen, while others that also allow you to import photos from your pictures library and set them as your lock screen image.

The lock screen apps that we are going to review today are LockPic, Photo Lockscreen, and Lockerz. LockPic and Photo Lockscreen apps  are available in Photo category of Windows Store, while Lockerz app is available under the Tools category.

Let’s have a detailed look at each of these lock screen apps.



LockPic is a simple lock screen changer app that lets you change lock screen image by setting beautiful wallpapers from WallpaperFusion, by just a single click.

You can search from thousands of interesting wallpapers available over WallpaperFusion or filter images on the basis of different tags. The app also offers to save wallpapers to your local machine. These saved wallpapers can either be used later as your lock screen background or for any other purpose.

You can also rate images or add them to your favourites by creating a login account or by login directly via your Facebook account. However, the app doesn’t allow you to browse images on your system and set them on your lock screen.

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Photo Lockscreen

Photo Lockscreen

Photo Lockscreen is a free Windows 8 app that lets you customize your lock screen image, by setting four different images as the background of your lock screen. The selected pictures look like a beautiful collage, when set on your lock screen. Not just this, you can also add a text note to this customized lock screen.

Photo Lockscreen is a very unique yet simple lock screen app. The app’s screen is divided into four parts. You can browse and select photos to be placed in all the four parts, and create your own customized lock screen.

The app also enables you to save the customized lock screen image to a desired output folder destination on your system, so that you can use it later.

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Lockerz is another Windows 8 Lock screen app that lets you change your lock screen image easily. Unlike other usual apps available in Windows Store to change lock screen image, Lockerz is a dynamic app that offers to set a number of images as lock screen, which shuffle after a set interval of time.

You can browse and select images from your local pictures library or access pictures from the latest Bing wallpapers, and set them as the background image of your lock screen. So, using this free Windows 8 lock screen app, you can select a set of your favourite images and change the lock screen of your system.

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These were some of the useful  apps we have found to change the background image of your lock  screen. Try these apps and give a new look to your lock screen everyday. Share your feedback via comments.

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  1. Tom Whyte
    February 23, 2014 at 3:41 pm #

    why do you need/want an app to do that? it’s built in!

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