Windows 8 App Store

At BUILD conference, California in Sept 2011, Microsoft president Steven Sinofsky announced that Windows 8 will have an app store for touch centric apps, enabling users to order, purchase/download content mainly for the tablet PC’s. App store will be mainly targeted for metro based UI version of Windows for Tablet PC’s. Though traditional windows applications will be listed in the store.

Microsoft will charge application developers for having their paid apps distributed in the Windows 8 app store. Scheme will be similar to Windows Marketplace for Windows Phone 7 taking a 30% cut for each application. Along with it each developer will be charged a nominal fee every year for uploading apps. 5 PC license activation scheme will be offered to customers who purchase applications from its store.

Windows 8 App Store

Similar to Windows 8 metro interface, Windows app store will also have metro tiled based user interface. Application will be divided into many categories like:

  • Entertainment

  • Spot Light

  • Finance

  • Games

Each section in the store will include featured apps for that category along with lists such as Top rated, top paid etc. similar to other app stores. Application developers will have options for uploading trail as well as full version apps. Trail period can vary from 1 day to 30 days. For reducing malicious apps, set up benchmark for quality apps in the store, Microsoft will be having a certification process for it.

Microsoft has not yet officially disclosed the terms and conditions for the Windows 8 App store.

 If you have not downloaded Windows 8 yet, go ahead and download Windows 8.


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