Soluto: Free Windows 8 Solutions App

Soluto is a free Windows 8 solutions App that helps you to repair your friend’s or colleague’s PCs straight from your own house by providing you with various solutions. Yes, you guys may be surprised.

Well, but that’s the truth, you can easily repair your friend’s PCs through this app for Windows 8 sitting right in front of your own system. You Just need to stay connected and it will resolve all your problems and of course, of your friend’s. Its kind of little magic. You can resolve problems of other PCs while they are turned off or they are in another country.

Initially you can use 5 ports to connect to other systems. That is, you can send as many request as you want but, you can use only 5 ports from your Soluto to defragment or lean your friend’s or colleague’s disk.


This is how you have to work out with Soluto. You just have to sign in with an account or you can use your Facebook account to login. After that, you can send the request to your friends and you can also add your own system. It will simply send a mail to your email ID and you have to install the Soluto installer in your system and you are good to go then.

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This is your home PC you are looking at. It will give the overview of your system and will also provide you with the additional hardware knowledge you want to know about your system. This Windows 8 app will also keep you updated about the latest version of the app you would like to install on your system. You can simply update and install those apps on your system.


Just like this, you can also view your friend’s system and can defragment it from your own house. And can also clean up the disk to run the other application much smoother.


Up here, you can see all the apps Soluto advice you to install or update from here. These are some of the important and fun apps you would like to have on your system. Go ahead and download Soluto Windows 8 solutions app available under the ‘Productivity’ category of Windows 8 store, else check out how to search an app in Windows 8 store.

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