Migrate Windows 7 To Windows 8 via Laplink’s PCmover

Installing Windows 8 in a computer might be an easy task but transferring all your applications, settings, data etc. from one operating system to another might not be that easy.

Laplink’s PCmover is a tool which you can use if you are migrating from Windows 7 to Windows 8 and you want to carry your personal applications, settings etc. to your new operating system.


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PCmover automatically transfers all the applications, settings, data etc. which you have selected from a Windows 7 PC to a Windows 8 PC. Thus, you are not required to reinstall all those programs again in your Windows 8 PC . You are also saved from performing manual settings in your new system. As you can realize, this save a considerable amount of time.

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The latest version of PCmover is all set to work with Windows 8 developer’s preview as well as upcoming beta build of Windows 8. PCmover works in three simple steps. First, you are required to install PCmover in both the systems. Then, connect the old and new PC’s with a LAN wire or Laplink cable. Finally, begin the transfer process. As simple as that!

The only limitation with PCmover is – Both the old PC and the new PC must be running 64-bit versions of Windows.


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