Kikoriki: Adventure Game App For Windows 8

Microsoft has provided many adventurous games as Windows 8 apps for kids to improve their skills in educational adventurous games. It was only yesterday that I want browsing around and found one amazing app for Windows 8. Let me introduce the same with you, as well.

Kikoriki is a free arcade type adventurous game app for Windows 8 users that let your kids watch animated stories and play adventurous game right at your Windows 8 desktop.

Features Of Cartoon App For Windows 8:

  • It’s entirely free.
  • Offers the video of real cartoon characters.
  • Offers the brief description of each cartoon character under About category.
  • Offers nice and beautiful wallpapers.
  • You can even set them as a desktop wallpapers.
  • Your hired cartoons video will be mention under My cartoons category.
  • Available within Windows 8 App Store.

Kikoriki App

Windows 8 Kikoriki App comes up with four different categories such as My cartoons, Market, About, and Wallpapers. You will find a brief description of each cartoon character if you go onto the  “About” option. with a single click on their pictures. You will find the beautiful and nice wallpapers belongs to cartoon character under Wallpaper category and you can even set the wallpapers as desktop background from picture library as saved in it.

You can watch the stories of different cartoon characters such as Smiles of fortune, prince for Rosa, the forgotten tale, the past year tale and the like after purchasing at free price from Market category. After purchasing the video of real cartoon player, it will be mention under My cartoons category.

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Kikoriki App is a nice a Windows 8 game app especially prepared for those ho loves to watch the videos of cartoons character. Try this app available under Entertainment category within Windows 8 App Store.

One Response to “Kikoriki: Adventure Game App For Windows 8”

  1. Lingho
    July 10, 2012 at 5:10 pm #

    I like the tile interface.
    Windows 8 look is very bold beautiful and fluid.
    is a newcomer, young and attractive
    it’s perfectly suited for tablets thanks to the low power drain and low heat generated by systems running on ARM processor !!;)
    im so happy for codename:Windows 8 and i think Windows 95 was a big deal for users and developers alike.
    Overall, this release feels smoother, faster, snappier, and more stable.
    Metro does rock on desktop and laptop!
    with this your luck can be perfect.
    now with touch you can have all your requirements plus even more.
    prediction is clear and I know that there will be a much perfect luck
    for the whole W(P)8(RT) universe than Microsoft can imagine.I respect
    Microsoft for doing that. My opinion on these metro hating freaks is
    that they are all people who don’t like to change
    and dont forget Thank for feedback mark as answer and log uri 

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