How To Lock Windows 8 Screen

Here is a quick tutorial on How to Lock Windows 8 Screen. Well, you must be thinking that locking Windows 8 is so very easy and quick, must be the way we have been doing in other OS. But, let me tell you, it not. Yup…locking Windows 8 requires a little learning as it is very much different from how we have been locking other OS including Windows 7, Windows 8, and others.

By locking your PC, I mean you are locking the screen so that no one can access you PC while you away from your desk. The system remains signed-in and displays a lock screen. However, to open the lock screen, you have to enter your confidential password.

Locking Windows 8 screen remains the programs running normally and it doesn’t enter a different power state. After a quick R&D, I found three different methods of locking Windows 8 screen.

How To Lock Windows 8 Screen:

1st Method:

    • Type WinKey + L  to lock your PC

2nd Method

    • Type CTRL + ALT + DEL  and select lock menu from the option.

3rd Method:

    • Open the Start screen, click  user-tile given at the top right-side, and select “Lock” from the menu that appears.

lock windows 8

Yup…you have successfully locked your Windows 8 screen. Isn’t that so easy, however needs a little guidance.

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I found the last method most beneficial and quick. You go ahead, try out the methods and leave us in comments as to which one did you like the most…!

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  1. February 11, 2013 at 3:37 pm #

    win + L is neat – cheers for that!

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