How To Change Windows 8 Keyboard Layout

Here is a Windows 8 tutorial about How To Change Windows 8 Keyboard Layout. Windows 8 keyboard layout is just as same as the other keyboard but if you are really get bored with the same keyboard layout, then you can switch on to a new one.

But, changing the keyboard layout in Windows 8 is a bit tricky because the control panel involves dividing the Language  and region Applet into two separate applets.

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How To Change Windows 8 Keyboard Layout:

  • The Control Panel in Windows 8 is a bit tricky, so the first task is to open the Classic Control Panel by pressing Win+ R and then selecting the Control Panel option from the Context menu.


  • Go to ‘Control Panel’ and Click on the Category button on the top-right corner and change it to Small Icons.


  • As you change the category into small icons, the Control Panel will look like this and you have to select the New Language option.


  • A window will appear where you have to click the Options hyperlink.


  • You can simply add and remove any kind of keyboard layout from here only.


  • And, this is how you can change the keyboard layout of your Windows 8 system. Go ahead and give it a trial yourself and change Windows 8 keyboard layout now…

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